Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fragment #188

O mighty Eros, renowned myth weaver
Desire sparks the life of imagination
To gain knowledge of erotic things, is
The paramount pursuit in life

The tale will be told of my love, Phaon
Adored by Sappho, even though
Hymenaios never joined us as one
                   This love was everlasting

And through the years it grew and grew
No matter I married, had a child or two
My thoughts remained steadfast on you
                   My eternal lover

Will we be re-united again
That is my wish and my hope
I can only pray that Fate unfolds
                   A happy and fruitful end

Fragment #156


Far more sweet-sounding than my lyre

Golder than gold is your honey-toned voice

When I hear the sound, O, my heart does rejoice
It kindles within me, evermore, divine desire
When will we be together I beseech you to know
As you travel o’er the wondrous world where I want to go
I’m left on this lonely island, my lovely Lesbos,
With only young maidens to teach the fine art
Of wooing and winning a mate, while most
Shall succeed, I can’t get you out of my heart
It’s thee I want for me eternally
How long will I have to wait
You always determine my fate
As I look out to the sea, diurnally

Fragment #147

Someone will remember us, o’er the ages
Love as infinite as ours, I say will definitely
Endure, even if forgotten, even in another time
Someone shall recall, evoke the essence of
This unique commitment, plaud its unselfishness,
A poetess will take her plume in hand and
Expound to future lovers, the beauty of a
Caress, the tenderness of a kiss, the sheer
Pleasure in which we indulged, O Paphian
Beauty, inspire us as before, to entrust that
Our names be carved out of the Parian marble
To make people wonder who we were

Fragment #130


Eros, the melter of limbs, now again stirs me—

Sweetbitter, unmanageable creature who steals in

Needs he no contrivance on his part, from the tree
He’ll simply pick the apple, the plumpest one when

He spots the juiciest, most tender, like the honeybee
He’ll dive right in, get his fill while luxuriating in the glen

He who brings love to others, in love he’ll never be
He’s heard all the stories, his only desire is to be free

No devices he devises, no instruments, no techniques do we see
When he is done with me, after he’s been with me, the wind

Will glide him away till another day and time when he
Has the desire for me will he for me selectively send 

Insurmountable he’ll wield his tricks effortlessly
And I’ll take in hand with his inspiration my pen

And write of the sweet yet bitter tune of flaming ecstasy
With him as stimulations my verses will flow, never to end

Fragment #128

Here now, I call upon thee, three-blessed companions  
Of Kyprogeneia, O tender Graces, beauty, splendor and love
And Muses with the beautiful hair, you sisters nine of Pieria

To aid me in my memory to tell the story of Andromache
And her undying love for the hero, Hector, how she came
Across the sea from Thebes to mighty Ilios, her barge

Was met by chariots fastened to the strongest stallions, the
Whole city came out of its walls to chant the welcoming
Phrases, the colored banners were flying, the trumpets

Blaring, heralds proclaimed the blessed event of her arrival
Come to wed Troy’s favored son, the image of the gods
The festive banquets that were held, the dazzling dancing

The silver cups overflowing with the finest wines, as the
Proud father rose, O gallant Priam, and gave his blessing
To the gorgeous couple, she with the violets in her lap

To have a happy life and bear many children and live in
Peace but sadly, this was not to be their fate, the gods had
Other plans as Hector fought Achilles outside his city’s gates